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Animal Models: Tips And Tricks From Nature
May 12th to 14th, 2005



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Frequently asked questions

1. Who should participate?

Young researchers who obtained their undergraduate degree less than 10 years ago (with priority given to those who obtained their undergraduate degree less than 4 years ago) will be supported.

2. I am interested in attending the EMBL PhD Symposium entitled 'Biology of Disease - a Molecular battlefield'. Can you tell me whether there are any travel/accomodation grants available?

The symposium is supported by Marie Curie Actions providing the organizers with the possibility to offer reimbursement of expenses including basic registration fee (complete reimbursement), travel (fixed amount depending on the distance to be covered), accomodation and meals for up to 120 selected participants. For more details please check HERE

3. Is there a registration fee and if so how much would that be?

For participants who are eligible for reimbursement,(check HERE ) you only need to pay the registration fee (100 EURO) regardless of whether you require accommodation or not. However, this basic registration fee will be reimbursed along with your travel expenses after the conference. If you do not meet the criteria for reimbursement, please select the corresponding option. In this case, if you require accommodation the fee is 240 EURO (including the basic registration fee). If you do not require accomodation, then you only need to pay the basic registration fee (100 EURO) which includes meals.

4. Why do I have to pay a registration fee when this is reimbursed later?

We are extremely privileged to be able to provide reimbursement for travel and accommodation with our grant. It would be a pity if people register and then don't attend (as has been the case in the past) This would mean that someone else could have had a place at the symposium. Therefore you will only get back this registration fee if you participate.

5. Can I attend the symposium if I pay expenses myself?

Unfortunately we are limited in the number of participants, so regardless of whether you wish to pay for yourself or not, if you are not selected, you cannot attend.

6. I registered but never got a confirmation e-mail. Is this ok? What should I do?

If you have registered but did not receive a confirmation e-mail, please let us know. Chances are that there was a temporary problem with the registrations and if you let us know we can fix it.

7. Does the limit of 1500 characters in the application form include spaces/tabs/returns etc?

The application counts each entered character. I.e. SPACE is counted as a character and an É counts for 8 characters. Each RETURN counts as four characters (RETURN in HTML is expressed as < br>).